Traveling on planes, trains, and automobiles can be a stressful and tiring situation.  I only know the stress traveling can take on your body because I have experienced it all.  Out of all transportation, flying takes a serious toll on you, physically and mentally. On a plane, the cabin humidity is about 20 percent where our bodies normally work at about 40 to 70 percent.  Low humidity can cause headache, acne, tiredness, and dehydration.  For example; flying from LAX>JFK your body will lose a liter of water due to humidity.  With this in mind,  try to drink a liter of water every 2 hours of flying.  May seem like a lot for some but your face and body will thank you.

There are 3 rules I fly by: no alcohol, low sodium foods, and high protein meals.

  1. First things first, we all know alcohol is not good for us and yet we continue to splurge at the airport bar on a $8 Corona thinking this will get us relaxed enough to sleep on the plain.  Truth is alcohol will actually disrupt your sleep and you will never get in REM, which is when we get the deepest sleep.  Therefore, causing you to wake up more tired. The alcohol also works as a diuretic causing dehydration.  Instead, try out some chamomile tea for relaxing.
  2. Sodium is an amazing compound.  Salty, good on everything, and… causes bloating.  At the airport, try to stay away from any foods high in salt such as bar food, potato chip snacks, and even salted nuts.  These foods will cause bloating which isn’t fun up in the air.  Instead, try out a salad with dressing on the side, a smoothie with fresh fruit, or a greek yogurt parfait.
  3. Protein is my life.  I live by protein and you should too.  Protein puts off appetite and hunger, can boost metabolism, and help with muscle mass and strength.  This is the ideal food group you should be enjoying.  Try a whole grain sandwich with tuna, turkey jerky, a nut bar, or hummus with vegetables.  All of these are readily available at most airports.

Ladies, we all know getting off a plane looking jet lagged isn’t the best feeling.  Lucky for you, I was planning on being a flight attendant, so I learned all the tricks.  I have three must-have’s in my purse:

  1. Epicuren Protein Mist Enzyme Toner, 2 fl.oz. (here)
  2. SK-II Facial Treatment Mask (here)
  3. YSL Touche Éclat Radiant Touch (here)

I had saved up my money to purchase these three items because they last forever and are a must to get off a plane looking healthy and happy.  Epicuren is an amazing brand and this mist will keep your skin hydrated and radiant.  This mist is perfect for any skin type and can also work as a primer for foundation if you forgot it in your travels.  The SK-II mask is life.  I use it at home, before an event, and of course, on the plane.  If you don’t feel comfortable using the mask just stick to the Epicuren mist.  Side note: the SK-II mask will last a few times:)  AAAAND I save the best for last- My precious YSL radiant touch concealing pen.  This pen is ALWAYS in my bag and does wonders after a long day and especially after flying.  I highly recommend this for everyday life.



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