Ever wonder what it’s like to live lavishly like the residents of Laguna Beach?  Yeah, well, I did too.  I wanted to build an extravagant day of drinking lavish beachy drinks and decadent food.  I started off by opening up yelp and google to see what the top rated restaurants and bars were all down the coast in Laguna.  Problem is- there are a plethora of places to choose from.  So, I narrowed it down to exactly what I wanted to eat and work my way from there.  My friend and I wanted to do lunch and we knew we wanted to be on the sand.  Immediately, no questions asked, we chose The Deck.  It is a hidden restaurant in connection with a hotel and another restaurant called Driftwood Kitchen (amazing brunch, btw).  Hidden in the sense, it is behind the hotel, snugged in between homes, and there is a small sign on the right hand side of PCH saying Driftwood Kitchen.  Turn right at the sign and go down the street until you see the valet sign.  With validation from The Deck, valet is only $6, not too bad.  We arrived and thankfully it wasn’t too busy, BUT, we got lucky.  The deck and Driftwood Kitchen are always packed- Make reservations and plan ahead.  I cannot stress this enough.  If you do have to wait, don’t worry:)  There is an awesome bar down at The Deck on the water… Sort of makes up for the wait!  Once we got seated, we started looking around and we got the best seat in the house!! The corner setting perched just above the sand with a sexy unobstructed view of the ocean.  We got down to business and ordered our Bloody Mary’s first with a Corona.  Don’t ask why, it sounded good. After we acclimated with our Bloody’s- we ordered the oysters, of course, tacos as a starter and salads.  Everything we order was in great portions and very good tasting.  Prices were normal… for Laguna and as we start chowing down, I was pleased to say the extravagance has started!

Once we couldn’t breathe anymore from all the food, Bloody Mary’s and Corona’s, it was a sign to move to a new location.  My friend had never been to the Rooftop Lounge off Cress in Laguna and so I thought this would be a great next stop.  Atop a boutique hotel, La Casa Del Camino, the Rooftop is a staple in Laguna Beach.  It is a gem for many reasons; the lavish drinks, great wines, awesome appetizers, beautiful people everywhere, Oh yeah, and the fact it is the only rooftop in Laguna Beach:)  We walk in the hotel and take the steps up to the top and are greeted to a long bar with only ocean views swarmed only with, once again, beautiful people.  We grab ourselves two seats and order their well known mojitos.  Settling in at the bar, we’re both talkers and started talking to the people we were sandwiched in between.  Guy to the right; 50 years old, a leo, took his son to the beach with his friends, and we exchanged recipes for a prime rib.  Couple to the left; He was her boss, she was the secretary, well… you get the picture.  Once we felt we were close to wearing out our welcome we told our new friends where we were headed next since they were out-of-towner’s and they tagged along.  Making friends at a bar before 3pm is destined to be a good day.

Next Destination: Splashes at Surf and Sand.  It’s hard to beat the rooftop we had just left, although, I knew one place that would blow the out-of-towner’s away, as well as my friend.  The only reason I know about Surf and Sand is because my parents used to disengage there and the only reason I know about Splashes is because my sister’s best friends husband (got that?) is the executive chef there.  The Uber dropped us off in front of this $500/night hotel and we continue our way to the front desk to ask directions to Splashes.  In the lobby, there are elevators you take down to the bottom floor and you will take a right.  You will go all the way down the hallway and you will find Splashes.   You don’t need to engage with the hostess because you are going to the bar.  So… your still walking through the restaurant until you see stairs to go down even further…and VOILA, the ocean, the sand, and the bar.  To the right you will see the bar with WIDE OPEN windows to the ocean making you feel, literally, on top of the water.  I asked the bartender to make us drinks that she makes special for the bar.  Whatever we all got, was DELICIOUS.  Just the perfect amount of alcohol, sweetness, and  juices.  Once we sit at the table, there was about five minutes where we all found ourselves so comfortable and relaxed, none of us spoke and we just stared at the sun starting to make its way down the sky.  All of us were over the beachy, lavish drinks so we opt for some California brewed beer.  We topped the night off with some Hanger 24 Betty IPA.

The night couldn’t have come to an end in a better way. We had soaked up the Laguna sun from a deck with reasonably priced food, to a rooftop with unobstructed views, to a luxury hotel waterfront bar which makes you feel your floating on the water.  This is how we turned, what could have been another day at the usual spots, to an eventful, lavish, and spontaneous day in Laguna.




1.The Deck Laguna Beach

2.THE Rooftop


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