Okay, seriously? Bacon flights and sake? Sounds incredibly unhealthy… where am I going with this -___-  I’ll start backwards and work my way to the beginning of the day.  Yes, I am in Palm Springs again, I’m sure you can tell by now I am completely smitten by this place.  Whenever you are in Palm Springs YOU HAVE, I repeat, HAVE to go to Cheeky’s.  This is a breakfast, brunch and lunch spot which reminds you creativity isn’t only in an art class or a michelin star restaurant.  Eating creativity has never tasted so good.  They change there menu EVERY SINGLE WEEK which in my eyes is either really amazing or incredibly nuts!  Regardless, they kill it every single time.  When you get there, be prepared to have a little wait, nothing crazy as they get the tables moving pretty quick.  We started to dissect our ‘Week 380’ menu, one item immediately caught my eye.  Bacon Flight. Yes, bacon flight.  It was $5 and the best five dollars I have ever spent.  It consisted of five pieces- Beeler Apple Cinnamon, Caramel Corn, Orange Marmalade, Nodines Applewood, and Jalapeño flavored bacon.  So unique, so tasty, sooooo… GORGEOUS!  After indulging in the bacon flight, I ordered the freshly pressed green juice to try and counter what I just put into my body.  I think it worked?!  After eating 5 slices of heaven, my mom got the brioche french toast and I chose the Benedict.  Both outrageously delicious and could have been ordered ten more times.

Before this heavenly bacon experience, I was at the PSIFF, again!  The last two days of any international film festival, the ballots are all collected, and the top rated films are shown.  Hoped online two days before to see which foreign films were chosen and I decided to go with The Birth of Sake.  This is a Japanese documentary that was meant to enlighten the population how much really goes into making sake.  Let me start by saying; I will NEVER do a sake bomb again or drink it without being mindful.  Sake is a six month long process done in northern Japan by men who are either born into the sake family or start doing it at a very young age and never leave the profession.  SIX MONTHS, these men live, eat, drink, breathe Sake.  They leave their children, wives, friends to work and one day become a brewmaster.  I love movies, foreign films, and documentaries and very rarely do I ever go out of my way to try and persuade someone to see a film.  Although, if you ever get the chance, please try and see this foreign documentary.  You will see a different light to the Japanese culture and Sake.




1.Cheeky’s Palm Springs

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