PSIFF; Palm Springs International Film Festival

Film festivals are an amazing outing no matter your coordinates.  The first time I was exposed to a film festival was in the unique setting of Sedona, AZ.  My mother had booked the trip specifically surrounding a photography tour which the whole family was anticipating.  Unfortunately, we had gone during the winter and due to weather we were unable to do the photography outing.  Instead, we sparked up a conversation with some locals and started doing some research on what the happenings were that weekend.  Come to find out we had a lot of the directors from the Sedona Film Festival staying at our hotel which ultimately led us in our decision to go.  Long story short, I was hooked to film festivals since then.

Palm Springs, two times a year, holds the international film festival.  The festival is once during the beginning of January and again in June.  Lucky for anyone coming from Southern California, like me, Palm Springs is about 1.5 hours away- perfect for a little day trip.  For any film festival, get online ahead of time to book your tickets.  If you show up day of, there is a very high chance you will not get tickets to the movie you want to see.  I booked ahead for a film on Robert Frank.  A complete genius in the photography world who puts a reality twist on all of his work.  The documentary was only about 70 minutes long which was fine by me… I was hungry 🙂  Palm Springs has outstanding restaurants, bars, gay bars,  pool parties, etc. It’s very hard to make a decision on where to go because you will not be left disappointed.  Jake’s is frequented by locals and I can see why.  You walk in to a charming courtyard which immediately took me back to days in Europe.  There is a patio in front as well, but since there was a little chill, we chose to sit inside.  Happy we did- we sat right next to the dessert display case.  After inhaling probably one of the best mushroom soups I have ever had, I opted for the ahi tuna wrap which was gone.  Eyeing the deserts all lunch, I got the red velvet cupcake and carrot cake- both decadent and divine.  Sad to leave the ivy lined, charming, europe-feeling restaurant, I dragged my feet back to my car while enjoying all the artwork along the way.  All in all, I would call this day a complete success and cannot wait to repeat again in June.

Linqs for your journey


2.Jake’s Palm Springs



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