Upon returning from Palm Springs, I wanted to keep the hiking going and experience more nature.  Los Angeles seemed like a nice switch up from the same old Orange County and San Diego.  Experiencing nature is always a nice experience but it is even more nice to have someone to do it with.  I ring my sister and she had no work, no plans. That is how our little LA day trip started.  We head out on Sunday morning and there was NO TRAFFIC… Ah, the feeling of having the 405 and 110 all to yourself- complete bliss.  I have done a few trails in LA and had never heard or done the Wisdom Tree Trail.  Seemed intriguing.  We exit the 101 and turn up a hidden residential street continuing to follow the road up the hill.  Beautiful homes by the way.  Anyway, we get to the top of a street called Wonder View Drive and you will then see all the cars parked on the steep hill.  Park there and make sure to bring water, there is little to no shade (except for the tree of course).  On the trails website, it was tell you it is a moderate hike.  If I was Dwight from The Office I would say, “FALSE”.  Most of the incline happens in the first mile up to the Wisdom Tree and it is stenuous, BUT once you do arrive, the views of Burbank and ALL of Los Angeles are priceless.  You lose all sense of reality when you are up there.  The wisdom tree got it’s name due to being the only tree left standing after the fires a few years ago in Los Angeles.  This tree will have little notes left it in for you from someone previous and you too are expected to leave a note for a future hiker.  The tree is a brilliant reminder there are still great people in this world.  Once we soak up all the views, we had the chance to continue on the trail to the Hollywood Sign.  Reluctantly, we headed back down the mountain because, well, we were starving!  What’s new.

Back in the driver seat, I start to head back the way we came.  Every time I go out to eat I will mostly always try somewhere new.  The only reason being; if I don’t try it myself, how will I ever know.  Recently, in one of readings, I had read of a new foodie spot called BCN in West Hollywood.  It was perfect!  It was just off the 101, maybe 15 minutes max from the hike spot.  BCN is spanish street fare food and the excellence of there food presented itself immediately when we walked in to the kitchens aromas.  We ordered the oven roasted chicken croques (flatbread) and a jamon bikini(pressed sandwich)- both equally flavorful, great portions (we had leftovers) and well worth the $24 dollars!  With our stomachs happy and full, we hop back on the freeway and to real life. The exhilaration of the morning adventure continued on throughout the day.


Here are two links which will both help in your day journey

  1. Wisdom Tree Trail
  2. BCN





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