Another year down and feeling blessed to be alive.  With sparklers and champagne just around the corner, I knew 2015 needed to end with a bang.  As much as I love to lounge around Palm Springs all day and walk around the beautiful downtown while buzzed on mojitos… Hiking was in the air that day.  My brother-in-law and his few friends that joined us were starting a weight loss challenge in 2016 and we figured why not start it early?  If you’re reading this and you know me, you know how much I love to hike and be in nature- I was all in!  There was one hike that looked absolutely amazing which is called Painted Canyon Trails.  Just imagine a smaller Grand Canyon… in Palm Springs.  With two cars loads of the group and everyone eager to get back and lay by the pool, Painted Canyon was about a 45 minute drive from downtown Palm Springs- that was out.  Then we decided on Indian Canyon which turned out to be a blessing.  FYI- Make sure you have a bank card or cash because you have to pay a small fee to get onto the grounds which was $9 for adults and I believe $7 for students and seniors and free for military.  When you drive into the Indian Canyon you have a road way that leads to three of the canyons: Andreas, Murray, and Palm Canyon.  With reviews online to help us in our decision, we chose Palm Canyon and do not regret it one bit.  It is beautiful drive to the Palm Canyon parking lot and once you get settled the palm trees start to show.  I call it the Palm Jungle… Seems a bit more fitting.  For a second, I though I might find a monkey swinging from palm to palm, unfortunately, that did not happen.  Regardless of no monkey sightings, it was absolutely amazing getting lost in all the palm trees, desert sand, and fifteen miles of trails to chose from.  I can promise you will not be disappointed with the incomparable views.  We chose a more strenuous route (they have trails for all ages) because we thought we could handle; turns out we could not handle.  About 1.5 miles in- the groups alcohol consumption was seeping through the pores and the dinner of pasta was weighing us down.  Once we hit a 2.5 mile mark, we happily turned back down the mountain and experienced the palm jungle all over again.  With daylight burning fast, we put on our suits and soaked up some Vitamin D.  All in all 2015 ended in a perfect fashion.




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