Waking up on December 23rd around 5am, I was anxiously waiting for the 25th to come.  I had no plans for the day and wasn’t about to sit and watch the the clock tick by for 48 hours until Santa dropped down my chimney.  I told my mom get up were going to LA and texted my Sister, “Are you awake?  If so, get dressed were going to LA.” Mind you, we are a family that avoids Downtown Los Angeles at all costs because of the traffic and well… the traffic.  I had read an article somewhere on my iPhone app called Flipboard about a new contemporary art museum called The Broad.  A name I immediately fell in love with I knew I would have to visit this interesting building soon.  My mom and sister blindly get into the car not knowing where we were going and I break the news were going to a peculiar looking museum in DTLA and we were going to eat at a market just down the street I read amazing reviews about.  They were one hundred percent in for some fun.  Visiting the broad during the week is a much better option if you have the luxury to do so, all the online tickets are sold out but you can wait in line along the building for FREE ADMISSION.  I suggest getting there about one hour before they open and bring a book or your camera as everything surround The Broad is amazing architecture ready to be photographed.

After waiting in line for about 90 minutes, we finally enter…THE BROAD.  Concrete walls, beautiful people everywhere, and an uncertain thought of the unknown art we were about to enjoy.  The broad is three levels of beautiful madness.  The artwork is postwar era and a gorgeous sight.  After an hour or so, our stomachs were getting cranky and we hit up Grand Central Market- about a 5 minute walk away.  Every vendor in this market is outstanding BUT one in particular struck my fancy- EGGSLUT.  A glamorous sight of eggs being put on every dish they have.  Absolutely amazing-I could have cried.  After holding back tears of joy, we toss our empty plates and messy napkins and hit the road before holiday traffic accumulated.

Here are two links to help navigate your journey:

  1. The Broad Museum
  2. Eggslut